Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Season 2009

We like to celebrate things as long as we can around here. Well, some of us do. SOME of us don't think it's okay to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. I know a lot of people feel that way, but personally I think it's ridiculous. I always just consider Thanksgiving part of the holiday season thereby lumping all the holidays together into one great big time of year.
Anyway, I digress. So, because we (and by "we," I mean the non-Grinches of us) like to celebrate a long time, we get a tree pretty early--usually as soon as our little church where we buy the tree has them out.
Here are a few photos of picking out the tree, decorating it, and sneaky Judah indulging in his cute little temptations:

When we finally got home with the tree that evening, it was too late to decorate it completely, so we just put the lights on it and put the kids to bed. The next morning we all woke up early, made some hot cocoa, turned on some Christmas carols, and finished trimming our beauty. Which explains the grumpy face here:
Last Saturday was my birthday. :) Believe me when I tell you that at least 5 of the 7 birthdays that we've lived in this area it has snowed. Crazy, but true. And this year was no exception. Here is a photo of the very excited kids and me posing in our little dusting of snow:

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  1. Love the hats!! ;) Happy birthday again; I'm glad it snowed again for you!