Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer fun

This morning Judah and I went for a short little walk in the courtyard while Charlie slept and Paul got ready for work. While we were out I noticed that the sprinklers were on and thought what fun the kids would have if they were able to run around in them. So we put on their swim suits and headed outside to the courtyard. Charlie had so much fun in the sprinklers, but the big puddle in the breezeway was much more Judah's speed. Here is a glimpse:


  1. Aren't they cute! It's been hot enough for the water play. Can't wait to see you guys in another week. :)

  2. Since we've only broken the 70 degree mark twice in 273 days, it's hard for me to understand how refreshing the sprinklers must have been. The kids sure are cute.