Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Charlie and Judah and a Bun in the Oven

Well, I'm going to have to change the name of my blog. I knew it would happen sooner or later, and I really wish I had thought things through a little better when I first established my blog. But at the time, it was impossible to imagine that another little Callahan would be a reality. But here we are--I'm pregnant! Yay!
I found out the day before I ran my last half marathon in October. Paul had been telling me for days that he could tell I was pregnant, but I kept replying in denial. However, the day before the race, I thought it might be good to know my "condition" before I ran, so that I could feel good about taking it easy. And I did. We had a great race--just me and the unborn little one. It will probably be the last big race I run for a couple of years, so it was a very nice way to welcome a new baby.
I was instantly thrilled to find out that there will be another child joining the family. I was actually still sitting on the toilet when the stick showed a bright blue "+," and I screamed to Charlie, "Charlie! Come here! Mommy's going to have a new baby!" Then I took a picture of the stick and, embracing the age of technology, texted it to Paul. He was a little shocked at first (though I don't know why--he says he already knew I was pregnant), but within a few hours he was pretty excited, too.
It so happens that I am due in June, near the summer solstice, and NOT September, which is when I'm used to having babies. What a wonderful feeling to know that I will be at my biggest, fattest, and most uncomfortable stage of pregnancy at the BEGINNING of summer and not the END! I'm ecstatic about this fact! And I get to wear winter maternity clothes for the first time ever!
I'm feeling well most of the time, but I have been hungrier than ever with this pregnancy and also experiencing more nausea than I ever have, mostly in the late afternoons and evenings. Perhaps those two facts are linked by the reality that I am also busier than I ever have been and therefore find little time to eat a full meal. At any rate, the baby and I are doing well. I was able to hear the little one's heartbeat last week at my first midwife appointment, which seemed to make it official. Well, that and the announcement on Facebook. I feel like the baby is a girl (only because I feel somewhat similar to how I felt when pregnant with Charlie), but we are considering not finding out the sex until the birth. Not sure about this one, but considering it. Of course we are also planning a homebirth, since things went so well with Judah. I'm really excited about bringing another life into the world in my own home.
I suppose this news can partially account for my lack of blogging the past few months. It seems that once Paul comes home and starts the bedtime routine with C and J, I'm nearly instantly asleep on the couch and therefore have very little time to catch up on projects like Christmas gifting, let alone blogging. As I round out the first trimester, though, I am starting to have more energy and should be able to keep my eyes open a little longer into the evening.
I've also been extremely busy handmaking almost all of our Christmas gifts. For the nieces and nephews, I've put together a blankie/pillow set with matching backpack for daycare, a princess crown and cape set, three little girl aprons, three little girl baby slings, and three "Twirly Girly T-shirt Dresses." In addition to gifts from us, I've also been commisioned to make a few things for others to give. It's been a very busy and very productive sewing season! I've about finished everything for everyone else and can finally begin on gifts for C and J! From us they will be getting mom-made crown and cape sets (complete with a wand for Charlie and a sword for Judah), slippers, and a stuffed animal. We like to keep things simple and this year are instituting a new tradition of giving three gifts to each to represent the three gifts that the wise men offered to Jesus. We are doing our best to keep the focus on Christ and the miracle of His birth.
Charlie's first year of school is going so well. I'm so pleased to be her teacher and to have the opportunity to watch her grow and learn on a daily basis. She is reading now, and it absolutely melts my heart to watch her point to words, sound them out, and grasp their meaning. She has entered a new world now. It's one more thing that we share. Thanksgiving night we took our little lady ice skating for the first time, which she really enjoyed. When we arrived home, she told me,"Mommy, that was the best night EVER!"
Judah is busier than ever. His vocabulary is totally taking off, although most of the time he needs a family translator. :) He's also starting to assert some independence, which is certainly a double-edged sword. It's wonderful to see him develop as a growing little person, but, and if you are a parent or anyone familiar with little kids you know what I mean, it's so hard to get him through a parking lot when he absolutely refuses to hold your hand. Or watch him carry his cereal and milk to the table all by himself. Or try to zip up his jacket. Oh, the list goes on and on. This is definitely a stage that he has to get through, and we'll all be better for it, I know. It's just exhausting.
We will be staying here in town for Christmas for the first time ever. We are certainly torn about not seeing our extended family during this time, but also excited about waking up in our own home on Christmas and opening presents in front of our own tree! Because it's such a special time for us, we are working on making our own traditions. We have a blank slate since we've never had our own Christmas! What sorts of traditions does your family hold?
Well, I hope to check in again sooner than later, but you know how that goes. So much of it is up to what life allows, at least at this stage in my life while I'm still making babies and raising little ones. :) God bless you all during this Christmas season.


  1. You want a tradition? I got a tradition for you. VISIT THE BLASERS!

  2. I like Paul's idea! Seriously though, since you're staying at home, my advice would be to spread things out. If you have gifts from relatives, maybe open a couple on Christmas Eve, then stockings first thing in the morning, more presents after breakfast with a scheduled activity, like reading the Christmas story with some cider or hot chocolate or a caroling session in the afternoon or evening. That way you don't have everything done by 8 am wondering what to do with yourselves. Christmas here got turned on it's ear by Finn's birthday so our traditions are a little unusual for most. :)

  3. Congrats again, Jenni:) So happy for you all and you are looking SO GREAT!