Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I made this outfit for Charlie this morning while all the other kids were sleeping. She's so cute! When she put it on, she said, "Mommy! There are lady bugs crawling all over me!"
Speaking of bugs, I have to write about this past weekend's encounter with the caterpillar. We were picknicking at Old Town Alexandria's waterfront, and all of a sudden, Charlie screamed bloody murder. Paul rushed to her aid, expecting her left arm to be detached or something of the sort, only to find a cute, furry little caterpillar to be crawling on her leg. Once Paul had explained that it was just a "very hungry caterpillar," she was totally calm and even pet the little guy. Then Paul picked him up and set him on a nearby tree, so as to protect Charlie's new friend from being smashed by somebody's shoe.
We kept enjoying our picnic and each other's company, when suddenly Charlie pointed to the grass and cheerfully yelled, "Oh! There he is again!" Paul and I followed her finger, and sure enough, there was Charlie's little guy coming back! He'd crawled down the tree, through the grass, over Charlie's crocs, and back onto our blanket. Then he just sat there, as if he were joining our party. No kidding. Just sat there like the rest of us until it was time to go. When it was time to pack up, Paul placed him back on the tree, and we snapped a couple shots with the camera phone and said goodbye. So funny.

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