Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009!

We had three days of Easter fun here at home. This is the first year we didn't travel to SC to be with family, so we had to make it special with our non-family family. :)
It started with Charlie's first experience coloring eggs over at Micki and Parker's house:

And then eating them:

And then bathtime after dinner and LOTS of playtime:

And then egg hunting:

Judah is getting pretty strong, isn't he? I can't believe my guy can sit up! I also can't believe how blond he is.

I woke up Saturday morning and made some bunny ears for Charlie, which she loved for at least a couple hours. :)

Then more egg hunting with more friends. They were kind enough to let the girls run around the house, since it was raining most of the day.

We spent a good part of Easter Sunday with our friend Melissa. I had to snap a photo of them sporting their matching coats. :)

Here is our family shot. Aren't those kids ridiculous?

Apparently, this is the crash from the sugar high. What a great weekend. :)

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  1. Hey...non-family family...that's US! Love the flowers coming out of the top of your head. Charlie's sugar crash while Judah hams it up is cracking me up. :) I'm glad you had a good Easter even if it wasn't with us...sigh.