Monday, June 8, 2009

See Joy's Blog and Birth Care Picnic

A week ago we visited our wonderful friends, the Blasers. I didn't even bring my camera, because I knew that Joy would have hers at arm's length the entire visit. See Joy's blog to view some really great shots. Thanks, Joy!

Among other events was our annual Birth Care picnic. Birth Care is our local birth center that offers out-of-hospital births and also well-woman care. We have had two of our babies with them. I absolutely love the midwives here and also our birth assistant who is affiliated with them. I can't say enough about the wonderful care that they offer. Incidentally, I have also had a baby at the hospital, and while the care there was also very good, I can honestly say that I MUCH prefer to be handled by a group of women who understand normal, unmedicated birth and the gratifying quest of delivering one's own baby by the labor performed by one's own body. Anyway, here are photos taken at yesterday's picnic:

Some guy that I assume is a Birth Care dad playing his guitar and singing for the kids:

Charlie very intense about her watermelon:

Paul and Judah in their matching plaid :) :

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