Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This past weekend we had the opportunity to stay with new friends in Winchester, VA. We had an absolutely lovely time hanging out at their home, touring the town, and dining at their restaurant, Violino.
Beforehand we stopped at the most gorgeous winery Hillsborough and had a light lunch. Here is Charlie posing by the grapes.
The view is incredible--we will be back!
Some of the kids on Sunday morning before church:
Charlie made instant friends with Isabella, who is about a month older and looks identical if you look too quickly! It was especially difficult to tear these two away from each other when it was time to leave!
Some of the kids playing and posing together:
All of the kids sitting still long enough for us to snap a quick picture:
This trip was so relaxing and fun, but beyond that, it was even inspirational for our family. Our friends live a life that is very similar to the life that we envision for ourselves. They live in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia--it's gorgeous country--they homeschool, they have their closeknit community. It's peaceful and productive. They have the ability to focus on their priorities: family and faith. Now, I'm sure they have their moments like all of us, but the picture that we took home with us is one that we will definitely contemplate as we make decisions for our family in the future! Thank you, Riccardo, Kathryn, and kids! :)

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