Thursday, October 1, 2009

Judah's first birthday celebration

Maybe he was tired, but here is the reaction to the organic carrot cake that Charlie and I baked for Judah's first birthday. He made that face pretty much the entire time, but he did have a few mouthfulls of that cream cheese frosting. :)

Here is the big sister doing her job of helping her little brother:

And here is our little guy's reaction to one of his gifts: Once Judah had this guy in his hands, he was just tickled! I bought this monkey name Mandalay from this incredible shop on etsy: Charlie also received the pink elephant named Petaluma for her birthday. I have been oh so pleased with their customer service and quality of their products and just wanted to share. My parents bought Judah the toy train set from that is also of very high quality and so cute! Take a look at both of these shops when you can--Christmas is not far off!

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  1. I'm so glad that Judah had a good birthday! I love the monkey (the elephant's cute too!) He looks a little dazed and confused at all the birthday fuss. :) That train is just beautiful. Finn will want to visit again soon when he hears about that. :)