Thursday, February 4, 2010

Graced again with snow!

Oh, my goodness. Tuesday we got our fourth (or was it our fifth? i've lost track) snow this season! It was just a few inches, but we still had snow on the ground since the last storm. This one was the first one that was any good for packing a snowball or building a snowman (or snow-woman, in this case).
I'd like to send out a message to our loved little ones who live south of here and are DYING to have snow to play with: Our prayers are with you. :) As we await our fifth (or sixth?) snow (which is promising to be another blizzard), we are asking God to send the giant piles of snow your way, too.
Here are just a few pics of us playing.
Action shot:
I wish we could've built a bigger one, but remember, I had Charlie and two barely-walking toddlers in tow.

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