Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fun in the Kitchen

Yesterday Charlie and I decided to bake cranberry bread and muffins. After I'd found my recipe card and spread nearly all of the ingredients all over my single square foot of counter space, I realized that we didn't have eggs. Aargh. When I explained to Charlie, she kindly replied, "It's okay, Mommy, I'll be all right." What a sweetheart.

As it turns out, last night happened to be our pick-up date for our farm order . We order raw milk and organic meat and eggs and a few other things every other week from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania, and then they are delivered to a host house nearby in Alexandria. So, at last, we had eggs. Charlie and I then began our baking venture again. Here is Charlie "helping":

And here are our muffins:

Here is a picture of Judah, just because I don't think there are enough of him here yet. "Say 'hi' to the camera, Sweetie!"

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  1. Charlie is a seriously cute baker! And you know that picture of her eating raw batter is going to skeeve Paul out. :) Can I also say that Judah is starting to look like Sheridan. Weird.