Thursday, November 19, 2009

More sewing projects

Today I'm shamelessly featuring some of my own creations. :) My wine cozies are here just in time for Christmas! I'm selling these at Joyful Gifts and at A Show of Hands in Del Ray, Alexandria, VA. I've got some really fun, whimsical prints and some more traditional styles, depending on your gift recipient. Everyone loves wine, right?

This morning during baby naptime, Charlie asked me to make her a sling for Henry (you do remember Henry, don't you? he's her little puppy sidekick) and also a matching apron, since she doesn't know what happened to her old apron. She doesn't remember that she outgrew it almost a year ago. :) Anyway, I made this pair for her. I put a ruffled pocket on the apron so that it can go from play kitchen to arts and crafts time, holding either a spatula or a paintbrush, depending on whatever task she's performing.
I love her expression (or lack thereof) in this photo:

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