Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Charlie's four-legged other half

If you've met Charlie, there's a great possibility that you've also met Henry. Henry is Charlie's best friend and ragged dog. He's been at her side since she was only weeks old, and no documentary on the life of Charlie would ever be complete without a rather lengthy mention of him. I shudder to think how our lives would change if he ever was left at a restaurant or dropped out of the stroller. We once thought about this gloomy posibility and decided to have a replacement Henry on-hand just in case the unthinkable ever happened. We bought an exact replica on eBay, but when Henry #2 arrived in the mail, out of the box popped a miniature Henry, whom we have named Junior. And now we have two dogs that will eventually need to be replaced.

Anyway, last week at the fabric store (I've already told you that I have become obsessed with sewing and now make weekly visits), Charlie became so enamored with the pre-packaged fat quarters that come in so many beautiful colors, that she began carrying them around in bundles. In order to avoid a complete meltdown, I offered to let her pick out one that we could turn into a bed for Henry. She chose a very cute white with multi-colored stars, hearts, and other shapes.

When we got home, we got to work and created a mattress, bedspread, and pillow to tuck into a clementine box (these are so handy for so many things!) just for Henry.

Here is a picture of Paul and Charlie painting the box together on our relaxing President's Day, and another of the finished product, with a cozy Henry dozing at the foot of Charlie's bed.

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  1. You guys did a fantastic job! It looks great! Love the fabric Charlie picked. :)