Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Judah's spotlight

18 pounds! Holy cow! Judah had a checkup yesterday, and we found out that he weighs 18 pounds and is in the 95th percentile! Paul said, "Well, Judah, we might have to start talking linebacker instead of place kicker." Haha. I'm just so happy that my "little guy" is doing so well on mother's milk. And this explains why I'm hungrier now than I ever was while pregnant. :)

Here's Judah in a new hand-knit hat that Joy bought him from http://www.decembermaeve.etsy.com/. Yes, it looks a lot like the picture of Judah on our snow day a while back. :)


  1. He looks fabulous...although I'm thinking some pictures of the rolls that must exist on his dough-y legs are necessary! Great hat! :)

  2. Yeah, I'll work on getting shots of the rolls. Funny--they're not as doughy as I would expect, but I'll totally let you (and others) be the judge. :)
    Thanks for the hat. It really is beautifully made and a great color for his eyes, no?

  3. I started a blog too but i have no idea how to "share" it with you.