Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fish 'n' chips

Since yesterday was the first Friday of Lent, Paul had asked his ever-willing wife :) to make some kind of fish for dinner. I thought we'd do it up Irish! On our weekly visit to Whole Foods (lately my second home), Charlie, Judah, and I picked out the freshest, most tempting cod fillet and turned it into flaky, buttery, delicious fish and chips. Okay, I bought a bag of organic fries instead of making my own, but the fish was battered from scratch and deep-fried in a stock pot, and I dare say, it was scrumptious! Our family dinner was complete with a couple Guinness and a veggie tray. Charlie actually had thirds!


  1. That looks excellent! You know my Paul will be begging for some the next time we're there after he's seen this.

  2. Oooh, I HATE you. Well, really I miss you. But mostly I hate you. No, really mostly I miss you. Either way, I want that meal, and I want to see you guys. Great post!