Friday, April 2, 2010

Cherry Blossoms 2010

Every year we try to see the cherry blossoms, and every year we drag a kid or two and a stroller down to the Tidal Basin at the same time that the rest of the country seems to be in DC to do the same thing, and I complain the entire time that there are just too many tourists here. This year, I thought we'd do what the locals do. So I dragged the family down to the Tidal Basin VERY early in the morning on a weekday to avoid the crowds. It turned out to be a really beautiful day with the temperature and the sun and the peaking of the blooms. Just perfect. We grabbed breakfast on the way into town and sat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with our bagels and egg-and-cheese sandwiches, and then made the mile-and-a-half hike over to the trees.

Awwwww . . .

Here is Judah breaking rule number one, the little rebel that he is:

Charlie took this one of us:


  1. you are making me cry. having lived so close to the tidal basin for two years, i was able to walk there in the wee hours of the morning (but usually it was in the afternoon) during the weekeday when no one else was around. it was magic. i miss cherry blossom season so much, almost as much as i miss spending time at your house scarfing down dunkin donuts/ coffee and having great conversation.

  2. Posting the cherry blossom pic on my blog tonight!