Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's new at Joyful Gifts

Today we've spent a lot of time in the car, which has actually been kind of nice. Except for the traffic, things started out fairly relaxing. I had to drop off some of my inventory at ArtSpring, where I sell wine gift bags, blankets, and burp cloths. I've been sewing like crazy for the last two weeks so that I could get things stocked up and hopefully start making a little money again. I so enjoy sewing, and the fact that I can bring home a little profit makes it that much more enjoyable! Here are a few photos of my things that are available at a few stores, as well as at my Etsy store, JoyfulGifts:

Security blankets with wooden teething ring

Burp cloths

Baby blankets and XL baby blankets

Wine gift bags

Paul and the kids were kind enough to accompany me on my trip to Silver Spring, MD, which is only about 10 miles but an hour's drive from home (such is life in this city). Just after we'd dropped off my inventory, we headed into a nearby restaurant for a quick lunch, only to glance at Judah and find him waste high in vomit. The poor thing. We headed outside and got the sick little one all cleaned up and wrapped up in Paul's T-shirt, and then he got sick again about 20 minutes later. After cleaning up Judah again and dressing him in ridiculous scraps of whatever clothing we found in the back of the car, we ended up at Whole Foods (lately, my home away from home) for some great takeout, which we spread out as a car picnic on the side of a very busy street. Then headed home, while Judah slept, Charlie daydreamed, and Paul and I talked to each other and enjoyed each other's company for the long ride home through nasty traffic, scary neighborhoods, and crowds of tourists.
I really love my family. I love that a day like this is actually somewhat pleasant. It reminds me how much times have changed--that a day in the car and cleaning up puke can be nice. Maybe I'm just old and my standards have dropped, or maybe I'm wiser than ever and I'm learning what's important. Some might say, "Six one way, half a dozen another."

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  1. The insaneness of city traffic is magnified when you have kids in the car. (the same with air travel). I grew up in the country where a five mile drive into "town" took all of 6 minutes. I miss thoes days- my parents had it sooooo easy.