Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Did you have a good weekend? We sure did. Praise God for the incredible sacrifice of His Son, Who rose from the dead so that we could be with Him in glory one day! What wondrous love. I hope that you were able to worship today, and that you will every day.
What a lovely Easter. It was the warmest that we've had in years. Paul's parents were here for the weekend, which was such a great treat for us and the kids. We used to travel to South Carolina just about every holiday to visit with both of our families, but the last year or so we've found it just too taxing to be in the car for that length of time with two kids. It's really great to have family come up our way for a change.
This morning we woke up bright and early and hid the kids' Easter basket (yes, basket--they shared. they will each get their own starting next year, once judah is a bit bigger). I don't know if everyone does that, but in my family, my parents always hid our baskets and let us find them before church. I love this tradition! Anyway, we went to the early service with Paul's parents and then to brunch with good friends, Micki and Parker (pictured in the previous post on the egg hunt yesterday). Then we had some play time the rest of the day and were able to visit Benjamin's grave, too.
I've been reminded lately of how much life changes once kids are in the picture. Our weekends totally revolve around these little people and Charlie's ballet class and Judah's naps and what we can do that would be fun for them. Short of necessary errands, there are very few activities that are not about the kids. It's exhausting, but oh so rewarding. It's so interesting to view life from this perspective and to know that this is why my parents did so much for us when we were little. I remember our egg hunts (then again, my parents still have egg hunts for their adult children--I'll tell you about this sometime, but it's awesome!) and our trips to Disneyland and the pool we had in our back yard and so many other fun things. I never really thought about it then, but I get it now. For all the effort that goes into a really great surprise or fun trip, etc., the joy on my kids' faces is so worth it.
I'm also impressed with the daunting task of teaching my children about God. It's such an incredible calling, and it's certainly one that I never gave much thought, until Charlie was born. I pray many times a day that they will grow to love God and to love others. I know that God loves my children more than I am able to and that He will raise them to be the people that He wants them to be, but we have such a responsibility as their parents to teach them consistently.
And now the little ones are tucked into bed (at least one is asleep already), and Paul and I are going to have some quality time with a movie and then go to bed and get ready to start the new week. What a wonderful life.

Charlie blew some bubbles to Heaven for her brother, Benjamin:
I promised Mom that I would send post some photos of the dress and hat that I made for Charlie:

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