Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I couldn't resist

Handmade pottery has become a weakness of mine, especially when I find a good deal. And Sunday, I found a GREAT deal. I'd come across a posting that there was to be a student sale at the pottery studio/shop in my neighborhood and made a mental note not to miss it. That's the kind of mental note that usually bears no follow-through, but this weekend was fortunately an exception. While sitting across the street having coffee with Paul and the kids, I saw the sign for the sale and remembered! Just a few minutes after it'd started, we went in and found LOADS of beautiful pieces. I seriously could've spent WAY more than I did, but I had to be responsible and settle on these few gorgeous pieces to enhance my smallish but growing collection.
What I love about pottery like this is knowing that someone sat down at a wheel and labored, probably intensely as these are students, to create each piece individually. He or she had a vision and manipulated the clay for each piece to come into existence. Every piece is different, even within a set. They are useful as well as artistic. Practical and beautiful.

I purchased all of these for about $40:

Charlie picked out this mug for herself:
Now I can't wait to use them!

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  1. Love Charlie's mug! You found some great pieces!